24 May, 2008


"an important new writer-performer who deserves to be heard"

that desperation is what caught my eye, when i found this gem. bringing it home a couple weeks ago was a great idea. the humbleness of jerry glenn is so awesome. i haven't been able to find anything on the internet about this man. but found some people selling this LP. Must be his only released effort. put out by mega records out of nashville, tennessee. but this is some good ol' folky-country songs. hokeyness starts to invade the songs at the end of the album, but methinks the first side and first half of the second are nice.


19 May, 2008

Some Career

This LP was found at the Alley Walk, in 2002, i believe. Many more Alley finds will come later.
I picked this up because I noticed that the record label had a PO from Champaign, IL. Smoking Munchkin Records. This is some sorta "college-rock". But doing research found that these guys opened up for Hot Tuna and Jason and the Scorchers and even Stevie Ray Vaughn. I guess these dudes liked to jam out.

Otis and the Elevators
Some Career

Foolish Man
Living Alone
Little Man in a Large Automobile

Where Are You
Victim of a Magazine
Tired and Alone
Egg Salad

11 May, 2008

Jah Woosh

Found this disc for a quarter at a local secular private school rummage sale. I was surprised that it wasn't snatched up by a kid earlier in the day. oh well. some decent raggae, from a dj i hadn;t heard of before. not that i am really up on the scene as i wish i was.

Jah Woosh - Marijuana World Tour

09 May, 2008

home-town boys

here is the debut lp by local band E*I*E*I*O. a band that sort of got almost big back in the mid-80s. their debut album "land of opportunity" was co-produced by mark linett and steve berlin. i guess you call this roots rock

Land of Opportunity