22 November, 2010

My 10 Incher & A Lotta 45s

Here we have a mixtape made by my dad back in 1998 or so. If ya cruised in the Oldsmobile with me back in the day you probably have heard this tape before. Dub this on a 100 min tape on sync up with you digital player of choice. Country and Blues and related material.

Side 1
Old 97s-Stoned
Old 97s-Garage Sale
Whiskeytown-Don;t Bring Your Guns to Town
Ponty Bone & the Squeezetones-Frio City Road Polka
Ponty Bone & the Squeezetones-Texas Jumbo Shrimp
Hank Williams-Settin the Woods On Fire
Hank Willams-Kaw Liga
Hoodoo Gurus-Bittersweet
Hoodoo Gurus-Like Wow Wipeout
Hound Dog Taylor-Five, Take five
Hound Dog Taylor-My Baby;s Coming Home
Sleepy Labeef-These Boots Were Made For Walking
Volebeats-Maggot Brain pt 1
Legendary Stardust Cowboy-I Ride a Tractor
Legendary Stardust Cowboy-Relaxation
Volebeats-Maggot Brain pt 2
John Lee Hooker-It Serves Me Right

Side 2
Waco Bros- The Harder They Come
Coward Bros-Peoples Limousine
Carl Martin-Ice Cream Freezer
John Prine-Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
John Mayall-Nature's Disappearing
Love Sculpture-Sabre Dance
Canned Heat-Goin Up the Country
Ween-Piss Up A Rope
Ween-Sweet Texas Fire
Mojo Buford-Champagne & Reefer
Grateful Dead - US Blues
Hasil Adkins-Big Red Satellite
Jeff Beck-Beck's Bolero
Jeff Beck-Rock My Plimsoul
Spirit-Fresh Garbage
Waterdogs-Hawaii 5-0