22 November, 2010

My 10 Incher & A Lotta 45s

Here we have a mixtape made by my dad back in 1998 or so. If ya cruised in the Oldsmobile with me back in the day you probably have heard this tape before. Dub this on a 100 min tape on sync up with you digital player of choice. Country and Blues and related material.

Side 1
Old 97s-Stoned
Old 97s-Garage Sale
Whiskeytown-Don;t Bring Your Guns to Town
Ponty Bone & the Squeezetones-Frio City Road Polka
Ponty Bone & the Squeezetones-Texas Jumbo Shrimp
Hank Williams-Settin the Woods On Fire
Hank Willams-Kaw Liga
Hoodoo Gurus-Bittersweet
Hoodoo Gurus-Like Wow Wipeout
Hound Dog Taylor-Five, Take five
Hound Dog Taylor-My Baby;s Coming Home
Sleepy Labeef-These Boots Were Made For Walking
Volebeats-Maggot Brain pt 1
Legendary Stardust Cowboy-I Ride a Tractor
Legendary Stardust Cowboy-Relaxation
Volebeats-Maggot Brain pt 2
John Lee Hooker-It Serves Me Right

Side 2
Waco Bros- The Harder They Come
Coward Bros-Peoples Limousine
Carl Martin-Ice Cream Freezer
John Prine-Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
John Mayall-Nature's Disappearing
Love Sculpture-Sabre Dance
Canned Heat-Goin Up the Country
Ween-Piss Up A Rope
Ween-Sweet Texas Fire
Mojo Buford-Champagne & Reefer
Grateful Dead - US Blues
Hasil Adkins-Big Red Satellite
Jeff Beck-Beck's Bolero
Jeff Beck-Rock My Plimsoul
Spirit-Fresh Garbage
Waterdogs-Hawaii 5-0

29 October, 2010

Another Roadrunner

I probably snagged this from the Infinity In Sound blog. This is a Belgian release of early 60s singles.

28 October, 2010

08 September, 2010

Dr. Offfff

Junkanoo 12" found in the thrifts of Rockford. Learn more about the sounds here.

24 August, 2010

Not For Sale

~Self-Released gem from Mr. Carroll here. This was originally going to be released on Sire Records in 1998 and titled "Rock & Roll Band."
~I suppose this would get lumped in with the Alt-Country sounds of the 1990s.
~Two tracks did appear on movie soundtracks for "Election" and "Drop Dead Gorgeous."
~Really catch songs!

19 August, 2010


So does the Midwest have the best rock bands? We have the most fun at least!

31 July, 2010


Fife and Drum music from the great Othar Turner & the Rising Star Fife and Drum Band
Who wants to do a goat roast?

01 July, 2010

Paradigm of Vision

If anyone is heading out on a vision quest this weekend, instead of the usual Patriotic crap, this tape might help you on your way.

18 June, 2010


It seems crazy that this set came out about 5 years ago. This is a huge comedy set that I hope you enjoy. Three CDs and a DVD.
Quite a few of the featured acts here are killing it still.
Highlights in my eyes: Jon Glaser, Aziz Ansari, A.D. Miles'
Well Let's Invite Them Up!

16 May, 2010

Beep Beep

I snagged these files on the now defunct Infinity In Sound Blog. These are the scores from 12 Roadrunner cartoons.

Beep Beep

13 May, 2010

Morell Season

Springfield, MO band the Morells LP here. Good old-fashioned rock and roll from the Gentlemen and Lady. They share a couple members with the Skeletons and it sounds like it. But the world can always more pop music like this, so no worries. This is the CD rip, which includes two tracks not found on the original vinyl. If your interested in a vinyl rip let me know and I will probably work on it.

RIYL the Skeletons, NRBQ

21 March, 2010

Let's Ride

So I should know more of the dB's music, but for whatever reason this is about the only set of songs I have sat down with. Someday I will do the same with the LPs and 45s upstairs.
This is a collection of demos and what-nots. It's long at 26 tracks, but its okay because my personal favorite is the last one.

13 March, 2010


I figure we need some comedy up on this here blog. And this is one of the couple of decent comedy records I have found at the library. Not the most cohesive album, but oh well. Mudbone shows up, so it can't be too bad.

11 March, 2010

The Banjo?

Here is another artist I learned about via an issue of Oxford American. These are solo piano pieces written by Louis Moreau Gottschalk, played by Eugene List. Another chilled disc for y'all.

03 March, 2010


I had no idea who Ms. Traoré was when I picked it up at the library, just that she was from Mali. I am glad I found it. Another favorite for chill mornings.

02 March, 2010

No Accommodation

Basically a Fela record here, except his drummer Tony Allen wrote the songs. I guess Fela didn't want much competition though and let Tony have the same layout as the Kuti records. Two songs per album.

01 March, 2010

Third Time

Har Har the third album from Chicago country darlings Freakwater. We have half and half originals/covers. More to come from this camp in the future.

19 February, 2010

Walt's Songs

Back in the early 90s my sister and I would check out this three-disc set from the library fairly often. I am surprised we never made any tapes from it. Anyways, fast forward to the computer age and I start reminiscing about those old songs. I checked them out again and instead of burning all three I made an hour long mix. You'll have to download to see/hear what is on it. I don't want to ruin the fun. Chim chim cher-ee

17 February, 2010

Rainforest music

Here is the first disc from the Bosavi set of Papua New Guinea Rainforest music. This one covers the guitar bands of the 1990s.
Recomended for mornings with coffee and newspaper reading.